Month: July 2016

a ‘C’ in Geometry

I was in the 9th grade, and taking my first year of Algebra.  And although I had been a straight-A student for most of my school life, I really struggled with the X+Y=Z thing.  I can remember breaking down in tears one evening as… Continue Reading “a ‘C’ in Geometry”


I wish I had some new quilts to post about, but truth be told, I haven’t had a chance to sew or quilt for several weeks. I’ve been busy, nonetheless!  Since daughter Brittany and grandson Damien have moved out on their own and vacated… Continue Reading “Expansion!”

Missing you

I miss my daughter and my grandson.  Brittany and Damien have lived with us for three and a half years, but just this month, they have moved into their own home.  It was time, for all of us, since our house is small to begin with… Continue Reading “Missing you”

Live and let live

We love to feed the birds here at Longsmith Cottage.  That’s what I call it.  Mark refers to feeding the squirrels, because they seem to get the lion’s portion of the sunflower seeds meant for our cardinals, chickadees, finches, doves, and anyone else coming… Continue Reading “Live and let live”

Putting it together

This week, as I was stitching up the last of a Paper Stitches notecard order, the lyrics of “Putting It Together”, sung by Barbra Streisand on her Broadway album (back in 1985) kept playing in my mind. I used to have the actual vinyl… Continue Reading “Putting it together”