Live and let live

We love to feed the birds here at Longsmith Cottage.  That’s what I call it.  Mark refers to feeding the squirrels, because they seem to get the lion’s portion of the sunflower seeds meant for our cardinals, chickadees, finches, doves, and anyone else coming in on wing.

Growing squirrels has been going on for a few years, but now, it looks like we are alsowoodpecker catering to a little (relatively speaking) Downy Woodpecker.  Right after a rain, I caught this little guy at the hummingbird feeder, helping himself to the sugary water.  Occasionally, we’ll see him perched at the feeder, pecking up any ants that were unfortunate enough to make it past the “moat” on top.  But he has also learned how to sip nectar, just like our tiny little hummers.

At first, we tried to scare the woodpecker away from the feeder, with little lasting success.  So just as we’ve become resigned to sharing birdseed with the squirrels, we are also quite delighted when this supersized “hummingbird” comes to visit.

It’s all about living and loving.  Everyone is welcome at Longsmith Cottage!

2 Comments on “Live and let live

  1. I love those unexpected visitors! This year we have a good-sized Baltimore Oriole coming to our hummingbird feeder. That bird sure does make the level of nectar water go down quickly! I love all God’s creations, but I’ve got to say I was a little miffed this morning when I found the deer had eaten six big buds off the pink geraniums in the pot on my front porch. It was going to be beautiful 😦

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