Missing you

I miss my daughter and my grandson.  Brittany and Damien have lived with us for three and a half years, but just this month, they have moved into their own home.  It was time, for all of us, since our house is small to begin with and Damien just turned 3 and Brittany certainly needed her own (and more) space.  So I’m very proud of her, but still – I miss them.  Now before you get too teary-eyed over all of this, you should also know that they have moved just up the street, within walking distance!  But even so, there is a big difference in sharing daily life with someone, rather than just seeing them occassionally (even if occassionally is actually every other day or so).  Dami seems to learn a dozen new things each day. He now talks about his home and Nana and Papa’s home.  So very bittersweet.



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