I wish I had some new quilts to post about, but truth be told, I haven’t had a chance to sew or quilt for several weeks. I’ve been busy, nonetheless!  Since daughter Brittany and grandson Damien have moved out on their own and vacated their attic bedroom, we decided it was time to expand Longsmith Cottage Quilts with a long-arm quilting machine and dedicated space for it!

So up came the old carpet, and out came all of our DIY painting gear.  I’ve painted the studio space a bright white, since I’ll need all the light I can get, but the real change is what we did with the floor.  Due to budgetary constraints (always present, I’m afraid), we decided to paint the plywood sub-floor and call it a day.  I did some research on Google, Pinterest, etc., and there are some really cool ways to finish a sub-floor with different techniques like stencils and such.  Some folks even cut the plywood up to resemble wood planks!  We settled, however, for a simple gray floor paint – after 2 coats of a good primer/sealer -and – drum roll please – we love it!

I’ve been working on the studio to meet the deadline of the delivery of the new long-arm.  It came in this past week!  And although it’s still in boxes, I can just envision it set up, and after a good deal of practice, all of the lovely quilts I will be able to make and offer!

More to come!


One Comment on “Expansion!

  1. This is wonderful – and very exciting! The space looks great! And you got the long-arm machine – I am so happy for you!

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