a ‘C’ in Geometry

I was in the 9th grade, and taking my first year of Algebra.  And although I had been a straight-A student for most of my school life, I really struggled with the X+Y=Z thing.  I can remember breaking down in tears one evening as I was trying to do my homework.  Big sister Ann called one of her friends – a teacher – who tried to walk me through it over the phone. My nerdy friends kept patiently helping.  And I didn’t give up.  One day, one moment, it clicked.  I got it, and I actually still have much of that algebraic knowledge today.  However, the next semester I went into Geometry.  Oh dear.  Angles, degrees, relationships – I guess I was too worn out from the Algebra trial to care much about Geometry.  I made a C.  To me, it was like failing.  And it was the end of my mathematical track in school.

Did I mention that piecing quilts uses a lot of Geometry?  There are squares, and rectangles of course, but there are also a lot of half-square triangles to contend with, as well as flying geese and other blocks that require some geometric trouble-shooting.  My current project is a sampler of quilt blocks from the 1920’s, taken from the book The Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt, by Laurie Aaron Hird.  She has given a CD along with the book that has templates for piecing 6″ blocks.  Easy enough, right?  Oh noooo – I made the quick decision to make my blocks 8″, and to dissect the pictures of the blocks to make my own patterns.  I’m hoping that this time, I’ll make an A in this self-imposed Geometry lesson!

Here are the blocks I’ve completed so far!

Oh yes, talking about completing – my long arm is assembled and anxiously awaiting a quilt to practice on!  Here we go!

long arm


4 Comments on “a ‘C’ in Geometry

  1. Love this story, Katie! And the photos of your work and of your creative center! I am so happy for you, and I believe you already have that A. Thanks for posting. 💝 U!

  2. So glad to see everything is coming along. OMG, you put the long arm together by yourself. My wife, my KT, you are a wonderful artist.

  3. I agree with Ann – you’ve earned your A in Geometry – and maybe in mechanics too?! You put that huge long arm together yourself? I am impressed, Katie! What a wonderful work space you’ve made! Love your basket block – and the birds in flight. When I first looked at it, I saw a regatta of sailboats! Just so you know, I got a C (almost a D) in Algebra, but then an A in Geometry (loved it!) – and for me, too, that was it for math… I so admire what you’ve done. Have fun!

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