Month: September 2016

Value Added

Our little neighborhood is experiencing a building boom, with many  of the older homes being razed and new construction going up.  Such is the case right next door.  We’ve been monitoring the progress of 4 new homes being built on the corner lot up… Continue Reading “Value Added”

Happy Birthday

Today is Mark’s birthday!  We don’t normally make a big deal of our birthdays, but tonight we celebrated with a dinner out, with daughter Brittany and her family (sounds kind of funny to say that, but it is the truth that she, Jarnarvus, and… Continue Reading “Happy Birthday”

Family Magic

As we drove into the fairgrounds to park, we all agreed that the State Fair just isn’t what it used to be. The fair was once much bigger, for sure.  But somehow, as I have grown older, I’ve lost the “magic” of the fair… Continue Reading “Family Magic”


Mark drove out to Kansas City a few weeks ago to visit his Uncle Jim, who is in his 90’s, and has made the decision to sell his home (and farm) and move into an Independent Living facility. Jim’s wife, Therese, passed away last year,… Continue Reading “Treasures”

First Fruits

Well, I’ve just completed my first actual quilt on the long arm!  I’ve been practicing on inexpensive sheets, and finally got my nerve up to quilt a small baby quilt top that I pieced earlier.  Ta daa!  This one will go to Wee Care,… Continue Reading “First Fruits”