Mark drove out to Kansas City a few weeks ago to visit his Uncle Jim, who is in his 90’s, and has made the decision to sell his home (and farm) and move into an Independent Living facility. Jim’s wife, Therese, passed away last year, and Jim is just plain lonely.  I didn’t go this time, but have very fond memories of my visit to a family reunion for Mark’s dad’s side of the family, at the farm in 2010.

Grandma Smith’s trunk

Anyway, Mark returned with a treasure!  Jim was kind enough to give him a steamer trunk that had belonged to his grandmother. With a gleam in his eye, Mark explained that he had brought it home for me – for my quilts- and I was so touched.  He researched the trunk and found that it dates back to the early 1900’s.

Another “find” – this time from Mark’s mother’s side of the family, was a beautiful vintage print of the Sacred Heart of Jesus by C. Bosseron Chambers (1882-1964).  I can just imagine it hanging in a special place in a cape cod on the east coast, where his mother’s side of the family was from.  I didn’t photograph the back of the frame, but it has a newspaper backing on it from a Montgomery Ward sale ad.  Refrigerators were going for $175.


Sacred Heart of Jesus

Late this afternoon a storm blew through with high winds and heavy rains, but now it is over, and the sky is pink as the sun sets.  The older I get, it seems I find it easier and easier to understand what’s most important in this world and this life.

after the storm


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