May Day in October

Before I set up my long arm, I limited myself to quilt sizes that I could manage to quilt on my domestic sewing machine.  The largest measured approximately 50″ x 60″, and that was a stretch.  Imagine my delight, then, when I finished piecing this super cute flower basket quilt top* that is 73″ x 84″, and easily loaded it onto the long arm to quilt!  I used a simple airy pantograph of a flower and a leaf that swirls and repeats.  This one will be listed in the Longsmith Cottage Shop on Etsy in the near future!

*the pattern for this quilt was designed by Lynette Johnson, and is available through Fons and Porter here.

2 Comments on “May Day in October

  1. Absolutely beautiful, Katie! It’s so exciting that you can do this. I found the explanation of a pantograph a little confusing – feel like I need to SEE the process in person. I’m visiting in November – maybe I’ll get a chance to? Love this quilt!

  2. Exciting and beautiful work, Katie! Thanks for posting. So HAPPY for you! 😎❤

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