robin’s nest last spring

This is the time to nest, isn’t it?  When the weather is cold with snow and rain, with dreary skies and early evenings, I find myself moving about the house, doing what I can to make it cozy and comfortable and home.  Cleaning and weeding out the closets always makes me feel better.  There is a certain satisfaction to be had when “there is a place for everything and everything is in its place”.

Did you know that nesting is a quilting term?  It’s used in the context of “nested seams”. When piecing together a quilt top, in most instances you’ll press one seam in one direction, and the seam on the other piece in the opposite direction.  When you line up the two pieces to sew together, you make sure that the seams “nest” as close together as you can get.  This assures all of the seams of your quilt top will line up perfectly. (OK, so perfect is a subjective term – how about “will line up well”.)

I’ve been sewing a lot of patchwork lately, for the quilt tops for My Comforter weighted blankets.  I get a lot of satisfaction when my seams nest well!

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