Month: March 2017

Sea legs

When I first began making My Comforter quilted weighted blankets, Mark started hinting around that he might like to have one for himself.  He is quite restless at night – he says his legs twitch and move (maybe restless leg syndrome?) – and he… Continue Reading “Sea legs”

March Quilt of the Month

One of my most cherished memories is going to see Mary Poppins in the movie theater when I was 7 years old.  Mom loved musicals, and I think that’s what cinched the deal for us to go.  That year, Santa brought me a Mary… Continue Reading “March Quilt of the Month”

Oh sNOw!

My family and friends in colder climates may wonder at my dismay and think I’m a real whiner when they read this.  We woke up to SNOW this morning.  It’s March, for goodness sake, and we’re in middle Tennessee.  We’ve had temps in the… Continue Reading “Oh sNOw!”


This week I was surrounded by the cars family (Sheriff, Red, Lightning, Mater, Luigie, and Guido) as I created a small My Comforter quilted weighted blanket for a little boy in east Tennessee.

Minnie to the rescue!

I just shipped out a My Comforter quilted weighted blanket for a little girl who loves Minnie Mouse and anything lavender.  Although it’s the weight of these blankets that produces the calming effect for the individual, I truly believe that the fabric choices play… Continue Reading “Minnie to the rescue!”