Sea legs

When I first began making My Comforter quilted weighted blankets, Mark started hinting around that he might like to have one for himself.  He is quite restless at night – he says his legs twitch and move (maybe restless leg syndrome?) – and he tosses and turns and often ends up out on the couch in the living room, watching TV until he can fall asleep again.

A few weeks ago, I finally took him shopping with me to choose the fabric for his weighted blanket.  He picked out a beautiful royal and navy blue print of an old world map, complete with schooners and sea monsters.  I finished it just yesterday!  Hopefully, it will give Mark his “sea legs” – and a good night’s sleep!

2 Comments on “Sea legs

  1. LOVE these fabric choices and colors! It looks great. Sweet dreams, Mark!

  2. Katie, you blow me away with your talent and thoughtfulness. I love it. To any one reading this, I know she is my wife, but let me tell you,the craftsmanship on this weighted blanket, it’s just great.

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