Month: September 2017

Bless the beasts and the children

Yesterday morning, my sister Ann sent me a text that read “I awoke this morning with this playing in my head! Bless the beasts and the children The song played in my head the rest of the day as I packaged up an order… Continue Reading “Bless the beasts and the children”

Poppa’s Birfday

This past Friday when I picked Damien up from Pre-K, I told him that today was Poppa’s birthday and that we were going shopping for a cake and presents for him!  At 4 years old, Dami is working on the concept of time –… Continue Reading “Poppa’s Birfday”

My Summer Vacation

On this first day of fall, I think it’s only appropriate that my journal entry is all about what happened to summer.  As my 4-year-old grandson would say (with his arms stretched out in wonderment), “where’d it go?”  Well, hmm….where DID it go? Let’s… Continue Reading “My Summer Vacation”