Poppa’s Birfday

This past Friday when I picked Damien up from Pre-K, I told him that today was Poppa’s birthday and that we were going shopping for a cake and presents for him!  At 4 years old, Dami is working on the concept of time – yesterday, tomorrow, etc.  He looked up at me and wanting to make sure he understood, he said “Nana, you mean it’s Poppa’s birfday NOW?”  When I said yes, he started to get excited.  In the car on the way to the store, I heard Damien thinking out loud: I hope they have a Ninja Turtle cake for Poppa – he likes Ninja Turtles… 

We ended up with a Hot Wheels cake, a birthday card with a dog wearing a cowboy hat on the front, and two bubble guns as Poppa’s present — all picked out by Damien.  Poppa had a great birthday party!

Marks birthday

2 Comments on “Poppa’s Birfday

  1. This is a delight to read Katie!! And the photo is heart-warming and fun. Nana and Poppa rock!! 😊!

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