Month: January 2018

Happy Birthday Kristen!

My oldest stepdaughter, Kristen, turns 31 years old today!  I made her a lovely My Comforter weighted blanket for her birthday.  Comfort and love to you, Kristen, today and every day!

36 weeks and counting

Well, Brittany has her “go” bag packed and sitting by the front door.  She is SO ready to have this baby!  I think Damien is ready too – he wants his mommy back (the one who can pick him up and run and play… Continue Reading “36 weeks and counting”


We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of a second grandson.  He is supposed to make his appearance into the world in late February, but all of us, especially his mommy (Brittany), are hoping that he doesn’t wait so long.  I keep thinking “Any day… Continue Reading “Babies”

Cabin Fever

or stir crazy — whichever term you’re familiar with, we’ve got it here at the Cottage!  Frigid temperatures, ice, and snow have kept us housebound since last Friday.  I’ve also been dealing with a bad cold (I refuse to call it flu!).  So Mark… Continue Reading “Cabin Fever”


Winter daybreak at Longsmith Cottage


I’ve spent the first week of the new year taking inventory, both figuratively and literally.  Believe me, it took a bit of time to figure out just how much fabric, thread, and batting I had in stock at the end of 2017!  As I… Continue Reading “Inventory”

Birds in the Bush

Happy New Year. The weather is frigid, and I’m glad I filled the bird feeders late last week.  We’ve had flocks of cardinals, doves, blackbirds, and sparrows gathering together for a nourishing meal of sunflower seed. There are three shrubs that frame the front… Continue Reading “Birds in the Bush”