Birds in the Bush

Happy New Year.

The weather is frigid, and I’m glad I filled the bird feeders late last week.  We’ve had flocks of cardinals, doves, blackbirds, and sparrows gathering together for a nourishing meal of sunflower seed.

There are three shrubs that frame the front of the cottage. They are over 15 years old, and I’ve pruned them over and over, to keep them shapely and controlled. If you peek past the outer growth of green leaves, you’ll find a mass of bare branches and limbs inside.

Yesterday, Mark and I observed many tiny sparrows flitting in and out of the bushes.  Even inside the house, we could hear a chorus of little chirps as the birds congregated within their shrubby havens of warmth and protection.

“A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.”  Webster’s explains this phrase:  used to say that it is better to hold onto something one has than to risk losing it by trying to get something better.

I’m thinking about fresh starts and new beginnings and resolutions that I think can only be attained through my own discipline, self-control, and smart choices with little risk.  Play it safe.  Don’t make any mistakes.  Mark and I enjoy watching Jeopardy, after the evening news. When someone hits on a “Daily Double”, Mark yells out “Let’s make it a true daily double, Alex!”  and when the final round comes up, he advises the contestants to “bet it all!”.  Needless to say, Mark’s comfort level for risk is much higher than mine.

So here goes.  Resolved – to take more risks –  to heed the promptings of the Holy Spirit – to go after those birds in the bush.


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