36 weeks and counting

Well, Brittany has her “go” bag packed and sitting by the front door.  She is SO ready to have this baby!  I think Damien is ready too – he wants his mommy back (the one who can pick him up and run and play with him on the floor).  I know Jarnarvis will be happy and relieved when baby #2, Keanu Christopher, makes his entrance.  Brittany has developed a few health conditions that make her high-risk, and Jar is hovering closely.  Mark and I are ready too, to be grandparents all over again.  We are so blessed to live close enough to experience “daily life” with our kids and our grandkids.

I finished Keanu’s quilt and gave it to Brittany yesterday.  Damien has (again) inserted himself in the photo shoot, pretending to take a nap on his brother’s blankie!

One Comment on “36 weeks and counting

  1. SO exciting, Katie! Please keep us posted! Love the name! Love the quilt – and the boy on it! Sending good thoughts to Brittany and family – and to Nana and Papa!

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