The Cottage Journal 05.13.2020

Still making face masks, and planning a “tent sale” at the end of our driveway, to make them available to my neighbors. But – I’ve also begun another project – and it has meant that I’ve commandeered a large portion of my husband’s work shop space. Kind of a manifest destiny thing…

I’m making a barn quilt to hang outside, next to my studio’s french doors. And what is a barn quilt, you may ask? A barn quilt is a large piece of painted wood that looks like a single quilt block and decorates the side of a barn (or in my case, the side of Longsmith Cottage). My quilt block is called Grandmother’s Flower Garden, and I chose it in honor of my great-grandmother and this quilt she made for my mom, in 1949. Mark put some reclaimed wood planks together to make the board. I made a mock-up out of construction paper to plan size and colors. And now I’m in the middle of painting – soon to be completed, though, so I can give Mark his work shop back!

There are barn quilt trails in many counties/states across America – I’ve been thinking that a road trip along a barn quilt trail would be a fun way to get out of the house and still observe our new norm of social distancing. Check here for a barn quilt trail near you!

One Comment on “The Cottage Journal 05.13.2020

  1. I remember that quilt, Katie! This is a totally awesome idea! A barn quilt trail road trip would really he fun!

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