The Cottage Journal 09.13.2021

When I first began this sampler quilt a couple of weeks ago, I envisioned working on it along and along – maybe making just one block a week or whenever I had a few spare moments. It was going to be one of those long-lasting, ongoing projects that, once complete, I would refer to as the quilt that took me a year to make… but even when I was a child, my dad used to describe me as having a “one-track” mind… and so I have found myself working exclusively on these little 6-inch quilt blocks during my studio time each day.

All of the quilt blocks date to the 1920’s or earlier, and although I’m familiar with some of them, there are quite a few that I’m meeting for the first time. Some of their names are interesting…like “Contrary Wife”, and “Buzzard’s Roost”!

One Comment on “The Cottage Journal 09.13.2021

  1. Wow, the variety and complexity! There’s SO much to know! I can see the names in many of the patterns. I applaud your research and joy in learning about your craft – doesn’t surprise me! Mom’s smiling!

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