The Cottage Journal 06.30.2022

It’s official – Longsmith Cottage has moved and is now up and running in White House, TN!

Honestly, the move (or the planning of the move) began last fall. Weeding out and packing up the house we called home for 23 years was about as challenging as paring down a fabric stash – some kind of traumatic! And then I made the decision to temporarily close the studio in March, in order to devote my time and energy to the cause. So I haven’t touched a needle and thread, let alone a sewing machine or my long arm, for almost 4 months – another kind of traumatic!

But just this week, I’ve spent time in the new Longsmith Cottage studio and it has felt wonderful. Next week I’ll let you in on the first project I will be working on, but for now, I’ll end with this “selfie” of us, looking quite worn out but alive and well, in front of the new Longsmith Cottage!

2 Comments on “The Cottage Journal 06.30.2022

  1. Congratulations!!! Hope you will post pictures of your new studio!

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