The Cottage Journal 08.02.2022

To get to our house, from the main road off the interstate, you make a turn onto Pleasant Grove Rd., then another turn onto Pinson, and another one onto Owens Lane. My favorite turn is the first one. There are two farms with pasture lands on either side of the road and we have come to recognize and look for the cows (and one donkey) who graze there every day. Four-year-old Keanu exclaimed one day – “Look, it’s Donkey Hodie!” (check out PBS Kids for the talking donkey…) Well, the name stuck – although in my mind, I see it as Don Quixote and somehow it is very fitting.

So no surprise then, to find myself standing in the roadside ditches to stay out of the way of traffic, with camera in hand, trying to capture the essence of this new place we call home. These two photographs now grace our hallway.

Let us know what you think!

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