The Cottage Journal 04.07.2020

I’ve finished the second quilt in my Easter series! (Click here to see the first one.) This second one, called Resurrection, uses the Hovering Hawks quilt block – which dates back to the Civil War era. Its strong diagonal lines reminds me of birds in flight, soaring to the heavens. Made from fabric scraps leftover from other quilts, my modern version depicts Christ’s resurrection – from the darkness to the light – on the third day, He rose again.

The Resurrection Quilt by Katie Longsmith / size: 70″ x 84″ / Hovering Hawks quilt block / Flames quilting design

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  1. Your creations are beautiful Katie, and so thoughtful! Just saw the page of Mom’s journal from 1967, that you posted. Thank you. Such a time of big change for our family. And such a courageous mom!! God bless ya Katie.❤

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