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Lady of the Lake

Last night, family and friends came together at Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church to celebrate my niece’s 40th birthday. I made Ashley a throw-size quilt with matching pillows.  The quilt block is called Lady of the Lake.

the empty cup

Happy Saturday!  I’m sitting here with my hubby, drinking coffee while blogging, at The Empty Cup Coffee Shop in Knoxville, TN.  This is a most wonderful, nonprofit, laid-back kind of place to spend a Saturday afternoon!  All  proceeds from The Empty Cup go toward… Continue Reading “the empty cup”

Yellow Bells

Yellow Bells – that’s what a dear friend, who introduced me to gardening many years ago, called forsythia. And another dear friend, many years ago, gave me tiny shootings of her forsythia, to plant here at the cottage. It’s a gray and rainy day,… Continue Reading “Yellow Bells”

The Greenway

is not green – yet.  After almost a week of overcast skies and a lot of rain, we had an afternoon of sunshine and warmer weather in the 60’s today.  I guilted encouraged Mark to get out and take a walk with me on… Continue Reading “The Greenway”

9.4 pounds, 20 inches long!

Welcome to the world, Keanu Christopher Mapp – with a birthday on February 14th, he is Nana and Papa’s very special valentine!

our new addition

No, our grandson has not yet arrived.  I’m talking about a new quilt for our bedroom!  I think we’ve had the same cream and brown quilt on our bed for maybe 4 or 5 years, so this new one is a welcome change.  Windmills… Continue Reading “our new addition”

Happy Birthday Kristen!

My oldest stepdaughter, Kristen, turns 31 years old today!  I made her a lovely My Comforter weighted blanket for her birthday.  Comfort and love to you, Kristen, today and every day!

36 weeks and counting

Well, Brittany has her “go” bag packed and sitting by the front door.  She is SO ready to have this baby!  I think Damien is ready too – he wants his mommy back (the one who can pick him up and run and play… Continue Reading “36 weeks and counting”


We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of a second grandson.  He is supposed to make his appearance into the world in late February, but all of us, especially his mommy (Brittany), are hoping that he doesn’t wait so long.  I keep thinking “Any day… Continue Reading “Babies”

Cabin Fever

or stir crazy — whichever term you’re familiar with, we’ve got it here at the Cottage!  Frigid temperatures, ice, and snow have kept us housebound since last Friday.  I’ve also been dealing with a bad cold (I refuse to call it flu!).  So Mark… Continue Reading “Cabin Fever”