Good Friday Quilt

Good Friday Quilt by Katie Longsmith, 2020 / Size: 80″ x 96″ / Crown of Thorns quilt block / flames quilting design
My first quilt, called Good Friday, in what will be a series of three for the Easter season. For Lent, I decided to give up buying any new fabric, and so these quilts are made with fabric from my scraps and stash.
Inspiration came from the Crown of Thorns quilt block used in this quilt dated 1936, made by Anna Miller Yoder of Garden City, MO. The block represents the crown made of thorns that Jesus wore before and during his crucifixion. My modern version is purposefully more graphic and chaotic, with “thorns” covering the entire quilt. I find respite only when I rest my eyes on the “crowns” themselves – of my Lord and my God.