Grandmother’s Cross-Stitch

This piece began life many years ago as a panel of muslin with a pattern marked on it for embroidery. My client’s mother loved to hand-embroider, and so she completed the panel with beautiful cross-stitch. Fast foward to 2020, with a new baby in the family, and my client’s desire to give the baby a little part of his great-grandma.

To keep the baby quilt more boyish, or at least gender neutral, we chose a gray and white color scheme. The gray on white polka dots on the front is cotton, to match the panel, which I inset with a small white satin edge to set it off. The back, a gray and white gingham check, is baby-soft flannel. Instead of a traditional quilt binding, we went with a gray satin blanket binding to give a softer feel. The quilting design is a chunky “X” – playing off of the cross-stitch pattern itself. Such a keepsake for sure!