Mother / Daughter T-Shirt quilts

It seems that collecting T-shirts might be a family trait! Over the summer, when so many of us were spending more time at home, this mother and daughter duo got the organizing/purging bug and started weeding out. They each came across boxes and boxes of T-shirts, and decided to get both the shirts AND the memories out of storage – in quilt form, that is.

T-shirt quilts are as individual as the people I make them for. The size, color scheme, and design all depend on the shirts – and how many there are of them. Sometimes additional fabric needs to be added, to fill out the quilt. Sometimes the blocks are uniform in size to create a very symmetrical feel. Sometimes they are different sizes, which creates more of a puzzle type look. What they all have in common, though, is the quality, creativity, and thoughtfulness that goes into them. After all, T-shirt quilts are life stories in fabric.