My Comforter weighted blankets

And I will ask the Father and He will give you another Comforter to be with you forever.   John 14:16

 About My Comforter weighted blankets         As a part of deep pressure touch stimulation (DPTS) therapy, weighted blankets are often used by occupational therapists to help children and adults with sensory processing disorders, ADHD, anxiety, stress, and issues related to autism. My Comforter weighted blankets are designed to provide gentle pressure that hugs the body to produce a calming and relaxing effect for a better night’s sleep.  The weight of the comforter molds to the body to aid in relaxing the nervous system and encouraging the production of serotonin, to help in calming, grounding, and maintaining focus during daily activities.

  • Each comforter is a handcrafted whole cloth or patchwork quilt, which lessens the stigma associated with institutional aids for mental and emotional health.
  • Comforters are constructed with a quilt top, solid back, and a durable muslin lining to contain the beads that provide the weight.
  • Quality 100% cotton fabrics are used for cool and breathable comfort.
  • Quality, nontoxic polypropylene beads are added to the comforter to exact weight requirements, and are sewn into the blocks of the quilt so that bead weight remains evenly distributed in the comforter.
  • Comforter weight is customized to each individual.
  • Comforters can be machine washed and dried on low heat.


Use and Safety

  • Consult a therapist prior to use.
  • Comforters should not exceed the recommended weight (10% of body weight + 1 pound).
  • Comforters should cover the individual from chin to toes, with most of the weight on the body rather than the bed.
  • Never cover the head and face with the comforter.
  • The user should be capable of independently removing the comforter.
  • Comforters should never be used as restraints.
  • Comforters should not be used for infants under age 1.
  • Use of comforters by young children should be adult-supervised.
  • Comforters contain small parts which may present a choking hazard if subjected to inappropriate use that causes ripping or tearing of the fabric.

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