what’s everyone saying about My Comforter weighted blankets?

“…my grandson who is autistic loves his quilt & I love mine also.  worth every penny for the quality of work she does. Thanks!”


“My niece loved it.  Seems to really help her.  Thanks so much!”


“It’s beautifully made.  Customized in pattern and weight for my boy.  It’s perfect and her time, care, compassion, and speedy fulfillment is such a blessing!  My boy is sleeping so well!!”


“She says she is sleeping much much better.  Since she was 5 years old she has struggled with anxiety (when her father passed).  It is the hardest at night when she s trying to quiet her mind.  This blanket has been an answer to prayer!!”


“This seller was a dream to work with and went above and beyond to assure satisfaction with chosen fabrics!!!  The craftsmanship is superb and the price is extremely reasonable!  Thanks – my daughter loved her Christmas present!”


“I LOVE this blanket.  It has really helped me manage my anxiety.”


“Omg!  He absolutely loved the blanket.  Put his pillow on the floor in the family room and laid down with it.  Thanks you so so so much.”