Sunbonnet Girl Quilt

This quilt was made by my grandmother, Helen Sibley Ormiston, in 1936 for her daughter (my mother) Joanne’s youth bed. Grandma modified a very popular pattern called Sunbonnet Sue to make the quilt. Her hand-embroidered figures are a bit more refined and not quite as cartoony. Hence, mom always referred to it as “The Sunbonnet Girl”. Grandma used a butter yellow solid fabric for the top and back, with the appliqued and embroidered girls in white muslin blocks. For their dresses and bonnets, she used fabric scraps from dresses that she had sewn for herself. Although the blocks themselves are quilted with a simple crosshatch, Grandma quilted an intricate oval veined leaf shape in the yellow sashing and borders. Size: 57″ x 79″.