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The Cottage Journal 05.01.2020

I’ve spent this past week sewing in the studio, but not on quilts. After watching a whole lot of YouTube tutorials on making face masks, I went to work on creating these nonmedical fabric masks – for our family, of course, but I will… Continue Reading “The Cottage Journal 05.01.2020”

Call of the Wild

I’ve been patiently  waiting for Chip’s birthday.  He is a dear, dear family friend, and late this summer his mom Carroll commissioned me to make a very special My Comforter weighted blanket for Chip, for his birthday on October 7th.  We collaborated secretly on… Continue Reading “Call of the Wild”

The Avengers

I worry sometimes that my 4-year-old grandson Damien is exposed to too much violence in this world.  He already talks about the “good guys” and the “bad guys”, and he wants to dress up like Spiderman for Halloween (for the second year in a… Continue Reading “The Avengers”

Minnie to the rescue!

I just shipped out a My Comforter quilted weighted blanket for a little girl who loves Minnie Mouse and anything lavender.  Although it’s the weight of these blankets that produces the calming effect for the individual, I truly believe that the fabric choices play… Continue Reading “Minnie to the rescue!”


This is the time to nest, isn’t it?  When the weather is cold with snow and rain, with dreary skies and early evenings, I find myself moving about the house, doing what I can to make it cozy and comfortable and home.  Cleaning and… Continue Reading “Nesting”