Yellow Bells

Yellow Bells – that’s what a dear friend, who introduced me to gardening many years ago, called forsythia. And another dear friend, many years ago, gave me tiny shootings of her forsythia, to plant here at the cottage.

It’s a gray and rainy day, on the first of March, but I don’t dare to be gloomy when my yellow bells are so cheerful!


The Greenway

is not green – yet.  After almost a week of overcast skies and a lot of rain, we had an afternoon of sunshine and warmer weather in the 60’s today.  I guilted encouraged Mark to get out and take a walk with me on a greenway close to our home.  He would have preferred to stay home on the couch, watching the Daytona 500, but he was a very good hubby and did a brisk 3.5 mile walk with me.  The river was beautiful, due to the late afternoon sun and yesterday’s rain. (AND, we made it home in time for him to see the end of the race!)

36 weeks and counting

Well, Brittany has her “go” bag packed and sitting by the front door.  She is SO ready to have this baby!  I think Damien is ready too – he wants his mommy back (the one who can pick him up and run and play with him on the floor).  I know Jarnarvis will be happy and relieved when baby #2, Keanu Christopher, makes his entrance.  Brittany has developed a few health conditions that make her high-risk, and Jar is hovering closely.  Mark and I are ready too, to be grandparents all over again.  We are so blessed to live close enough to experience “daily life” with our kids and our grandkids.

I finished Keanu’s quilt and gave it to Brittany yesterday.  Damien has (again) inserted himself in the photo shoot, pretending to take a nap on his brother’s blankie!


We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of a second grandson.  He is supposed to make his appearance into the world in late February, but all of us, especially his mommy (Brittany), are hoping that he doesn’t wait so long.  I keep thinking “Any day now…”

Brittany works with another nurse who is also pregnant, and due in April.  Today, their coworkers are giving them a joint baby shower!  I made a cute little baby quilt for Brittany to give to her friend, for her baby girl.  The nursery colors are gray and turquoise, and the theme is arrows.  I hope both momma and baby, Emerson Kate, like it.