The Birches

I think this quilt would be categorized as modern — big 9″ blocks, and very graphic birch trees.  I originally planned to use a boxy, straight line type of quilting pattern on it, but when I asked Mark’s opinion, he chose this one, with dense curvy leaves.  The spiky veins of the leaves give it some great contrast. I’m so glad I asked him to weigh in – I love the finished quilt!


We are an Easter people

When my mother died several years ago, my sister-in-law Therese sent me a sympathy card with her handwritten message inside: “remember – we are an Easter people”.  Her words not only comforted me, but gave strength as well, to my faith in God, and Life, and Love.

Happy Easter to all my loved ones, and many Alleluias today and every day!

I worked on this Easter quilt during Lent, and finished it just a few days ago.  I modified a “Crown of Thorns” quilt block pattern, making it a bit simpler, to allow these beautiful fabrics to do all the talking.  The quilting pattern is made up of swirls and points.




No, I’m not talking about those delectable (so bad they’re good) neon-yellow sugar covered marshmallow chicks that are stocked on Walmart’s shelves this time of year.

Mark and I were in the Tractor Supply store today and came across a “tub-o-chicks”, complete with a red heat lamp, chicken food, fresh water, and a SALE sign.  Only a quarter for a little chick!  A salesman was helping a mom and her children who came up and said, “We’ll take 4, please.”

When my dad was young (in the 1930’s), he worked in the neighborhood post office, and every spring, boxes with air holes that emitted tiny “peep-peep-peeps” would come in.  They contained spring chicks mail-ordered from catalogs and shipped out with enough food and water to last the journey through the U.S. Postal Service.

I was fascinated every time Dad told us that story, and of course, I wanted a few of those chicks myself.  Today, as I watched the mom and her kids crowd around the cardboard box that they had brought to take their chicks home, I could hear Dad telling the story.


April Quilt of the Month

It’s April 1st, and NO JOKE – I have our quilt of the month completed and ready to show!  When Mark saw this one, he said – ummm…except for the green, I don’t get it….

OK, here’s the translation.  The green in this quilt is vibrant – like the green we see in the new growth in spring – and it is mixed with the gray and black that we see in the stormy and overcast skies this time of year.

There is only one block used in this quilt, with one running horizontal and the next one running vertical, reminiscent of a traditional rail fence block.   My block has 3 “rails”, and each of the rails has one or two “snowballed” corners, meaning I’ve added a triangle or two to the ends of the rails. snowballed rail fence

The pattern reminds me of a formal garden, with boxy paths and gray concrete statuary.  (Check out the back.)  But this early all we see is green, rather than color from any flowers blooming yet.  And finally, the quilting pattern is clouds and raindrops.

 So here it is: April Showers in the Garden.