The Cottage Journal 09.21.2021

I’m working with templates on this sampler quilt. There are a lot of them and most of them are pretty small. Accuracy has been a challenge – one that I’ve met – until I came to quilt block #38. It’s called Four Winds. I had to make it twice before I got it right. All because of template #13. I had to sew these 56 teeny triangles together to make 1″ squares (called half-square triangles). The first time, my squares came out too wonky to use – they were not square! So I gave up for a few days and tried to talk myself into just not using this Four Winds block in the quilt. But ultimately that did not seem to be the thing to do, so I started over by reprinting a new template #13 (the old one was worse for wear at this point). With careful cutting and careful seam allowances and careful pressing, the Four Winds block is done!

Let us know what you think!

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