My Summer Vacation

On this first day of fall, I think it’s only appropriate that my journal entry is all about what happened to summer.  As my 4-year-old grandson would say (with his arms stretched out in wonderment), “where’d it go?”  Well, hmm….where DID it go?

Let’s see, in May there was a weekend of yard work at my sister-in-law’s home, and then two weeks recovering from the poison ivy that Mark and I both contracted.

Dami at the beach1We recovered just in time for a quick trip to Virginia Beach the first week of June.  It was Damien’s first time to see the ocean!

shopRight before we left, I set up the Longsmith Cottage Quilt Shop in the GasLamp Antique and Decorating Mall here in Nashville!



And when we got back, I finished a custom quilt for a client in New Hampshire.


We hosted Dami’s birthday party in late June, and also celebrated our daughter’s birthday in July.  The last two weeks of July were spent outside in the back yard, thinning out our day lilies and giving away over 20 big bags full of them to neighbors and friends.

…all the while completing My Comforter weighted blankets for clients in Tennessee, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota.


And in August, Damien started Pre-K!  Nana (me) has had the privilege (really) of picking him up from school each afternoon and playing with him til Mom gets home from work.

But August mornings found me making oodles of My Comforter weighted lap pads and blankets for foster parents attending a Foster Family Conference held the first week of September.


Oh – almost forgot! – I also managed to keep up with the “Quilts of the Month” – (although I’ve failed miserably to write about them!)  In June, I made a Honeycomb quilt, and for July, a Court House Steps.


August’s quilt is called Red-Winged Blackbirds.


OK – I realize there’s not much “vacation” in this litany, but at least I know where summer went!  Now on to Fall!

2 Comments on “My Summer Vacation

  1. Oh, Katie, you make my head spin. How I have missed you (although I see you at 8:30 Mass). Picking up grandchildren from school is a privilege and one I’m still enjoying. At some point, I know he will be “too cool” to talk to his old Mimi. God bless.

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