The Cottage Journal 05.01.2020

I’ve spent this past week sewing in the studio, but not on quilts. After watching a whole lot of YouTube tutorials on making face masks, I went to work on creating these nonmedical fabric masks – for our family, of course, but I will also provide my community with as many as I can make as well, since it appears that we will all be using face masks for some time to come. I guess it is our “new normal” to see our masks hanging on the coat tree just beside the front door, at the ready to don when we head out.

My design is pleated and shaped to fit the face/jaw area, with a long nose wire that can be molded not only across the nose but also the cheeks to keep it in place. No elastic around the ears, which tends to hurt if worn for too long – instead, simple fabric binding that shapes over the ears and connects to the single tie at the back. This method allows for flexibility in fit. Two sizes – adult and child. Machine wash and dry. And a bunch of fun fabrics from my stash to please just about anyone! Husband Mark picked out dragons, grandson Damien chose Captain America, and I went with indian elephants.

One Comment on “The Cottage Journal 05.01.2020

  1. Love your masks Katie! And your pics and comment! Stay safe!

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